VRP N1 4 Degree Spindle and Steering Arm set



This is the optional VRP N1 4degree Front Spindle and Arm set. The included Steering Arms are needed. The stock N1 steering arms will not work. The geometry changed. And they now have more clearance with the caster blocks and the buggy will have more steering throw. You won’t need to do any dremeling now!

The arms mount to the top of the spindles. Use button head screws from the bottom up, and then locknuts on top. (see pic.)

There are 4 – .5mm shims included in the set. These are so you have spacing adjustments. You can space the spindle in the center by having one .5mm shim on top, and one on bottom. You can also space the spindle all the way up (less steering), or space it all the way down (more steering).

* If your running Kyosho Caster Blocks, you may need to file the block slightly, or file the shim down just a small amount. Amain also has 4mm shim sets made by yokomo.

  • When spacing the spindle all the way up or down, you will need 4mmx12mm Socket Head Screws so the screw will catch all the threads in the Spindle. They are in the drop down menu.

These are made for 8x16mm bearings, so the durability will be the same as your used too. When installed, your upper camber link will be shorter. This is normal and part of the geometry change. Performance wise, you will notice better mid corner and exit steering, a definite better feel at the wheel. And in bumpy conditions, the front tires will be less edgy…. they wont want to catch the ruts, they will roll over them.

These are a very limited, special order product we have made.


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Spindle and Arms Set, Spindles only, Steering Arm Set, Shim Set, 4mm Screws


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