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This is the VRP N1 V2 Performance kit for the Agama N1. The kit fits both the Nitro and ebuggy. This kit re-designs the shock package and the Roll Center range. It’s designed to use the same shock front and rear. You will need have a second set of rear N1 shocks. One way to get them is to buy the rear shock bodies (part#26248) and shafts (part#28250). The other components from the stock front shocks will work. And then we suggest using the Grey/Orange or Black/Springs, so you will need a set of them for the front shocks. Other than that, all the other components are included in the kit.

The VRP N1 V2 Kit gives the N1 the correct amount of droop AND uptravel. Both are very important in off road racing and most newer buggies have a known range. The VRP kit brings the N1 up to that standard. The benefits are huge as one of the largest is it makes the buggy easier to drive. But also it corners better, jumps better, land better, tunes easier, and on and on.

The second thing the kit does is change the inner links, both front and rear, to a horizontal style. Similar to normal buggies. We did this for 3 reasons, …. first, the links need to be able to go lower than what the stock mounts will allow. With lower cg vehicles, it’s very common for these links to gravitate lower, because it allows the low cg to roll correctly and produce grip. The second reason we changed them to horizontal is that the links needed more range of movement to match up to the increased droop and uptravel. The vertical links do not have enough range and bind at the lower angles when your at full droop. They can even act as a droop limiter.  The Horizontal links have full range. Third, and very important is that the way the plastic link swivels around the ball with horizontal links have considerably less friction when they swivel around. This is noticeable on the track as the buggies suspension is much freerer and reacts consistently.

There are other advancements in the kit as well. We engineered more durability into the shock mounts with additional material as well as ribbing. They should last a long time without bending. And the shocks now have a slight angle to them. This is a by product of other design elements, but it most certainly makes a huge difference with air in the shock. Overall, you will have more consistent shocks with the angle, and possibly even more important is that the angle builds in progressiveness in the geometry. This helps the buggy be easier to tune, and hold a tune longer as the level of grip changes.

Our testing has proven time and time again that with the V2 Peformance kit, the buggy becomes extremely competitive. Beyond a doubt, it produces higher corner speeds. It jumps very well, and lands without chassis slapping and scrubbing speed. It has exceptional forward acceleration and breaking. But most likely the most noticeable is that it handles the rough track with ease. From Tyler Jones testing, and my own, were both surprised how well it handles the rough.

If you have any thoughts of trying an Agama N1 with the VRP V2 kit……  I would!    –   Tyler Jones


2 reviews for VRP N1 V2 Performance Kit

  1. Kevin Harris (verified owner)

    This kit makes the N1 that much better, it lands and jumps better from big hits and big jumps. I love it, shocks feel more consistent,without air

  2. Patrick (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Don’t forget to lock tight the metal and metal areas. Without the droop screw, you can run other brand’s rear shocks and get the normal droop as everybody else. Thanks!

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