8th ‘XV3’ 20Hole Pistons for Agama


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This is a pair of (2) Patented VRP ‘XV3’ Pistons –  

20H Agama Pistons. These are drilled 4h1.4, 16h.7mm.  The return Holes are 1.2mm.

***These pistons are precision drilled on the CnC. Hand drilling this hole pattern does not have the same results. The small holes HAVE to be clean with NO burr, and they have to be straight. Thats impossible to do by hand. So I highly suggest buying the pistons direct from us.

*Important: The VRP ‘XV3’ Pistons are designed to have a washer under and over them. It is important to run washers and that they are correctly installed. Each set of pistons is supplied with a Washer Hardware Pack to make sure you have what you need to install them.

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Associated, TLR, HB, Kyosho, Tekno, Mugen, WRC, Sworkz, Mayako, Xray


Front, Rear


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