Agama N110 Kit (pre-order)

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This is a Pre-order link for the Agama N110 kit. I will update this page with information as quick as I can.

The Pre-Order deposit is a non-refundable deposit of $25.00. This will be credited towards the map kit price.

We’ve added more kits to the pre-order. The M.A.P price of the kit is expected to be $375-425. As $400 being the target.

I would expect the first run to sell out. At this time, I don’t know a delivery date, but will be honest and at any time let you know what I know. I’ll be ordering a large selection of part as soon as I can. E-mail me thru the web link.

There is a shipping charge added at checkout. That is refundable. Although I’d expect most pre-ordering will want the kit….. I sure do! 

When the arrival date is known, we will contact you by e-mail and settle payment.




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