VRP 'X' Pistons 2 Hole 1.6mm 'EU Version' - AE V1/YOK/TLR

This is a pair of (2) Patent-Pending VRP 'X' Pistons - 2 Hole 1.6mm 'EU Version'. The pistons come complete with the Transition Valve pre-installed. The Rebound booster hole has been precision drilled to the exact size our testing found to be the best for High Grip Tracks. This yields excellent results! In addition, the 'EU Version' has less friction against the inner shock body due to a modification that reduces side area of the piston, yet maintains the original pack. Couple this with the new coatings they have for the shock bodies and you have the smoothest shock ever! The VRP Piston makes a positive difference and gives you a Big Advantage over the competition!

Simple to understand!  The Pistons are designed to increase the Rebound only. They do not change the compression from what you would have running stock 2 hole 1.6 pistons. No crazy set up changes. No scratching your head if they work or even made a difference. Anyone who has run them will tell you it was better from the moment they squeezed the trigger! No questions! ....Amazing! Visit the main page for more information on the benefits of quicker rebound and why we patented our piston design.

NOTE*  These fit the Associated V1 Shock Shafts that have the e-clips to mount the piston. 


1 - You will feel a difference in the piston because it is designed for the oil to flow through the holes instead of around the perimeter. We suggest using the normal oil you would use for this piston size (30-35wt). Remember, the compression stroke stays the same, were just making the rebound quicker.

2 - The Pistons are designed to have the 'X' Washers used at all times. The Transition Valves are made from a very high strength rubber compound and will most likely last the lifetime of the car.

4 - The Pistons are marked on the underside what size they are. Think of the center hole as the decimal point and put the number to the right side. If you see a '6', then it has 1 point 6 holes in it.  If you see a '3', then it has 1 point 3 holes, etc. 

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VRP 'X' Pistons 2 Hole 1.6mm 'EU Version' - AE V1/YOK/TLR

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