VRP CNC B6 Battery Strap (Turnbuckle Style) (Black)

This is our new CnC B6 Battery Strap for the B6 series of cars.  This brace is made from 7075 Aluminum and is machined to absolute lightness. It features the option to use a turnbuckle for a brace or the stock waterfall.  This brace allows you to move the battery position without having to remove the battery by simply removing the forward screws of the side rails and shifting it forward or backward. The screws lock into one of 8 positions in the side rails, which will keep your battery in position and equal on each side.  The Battery Brace itself only weighs 7.8 grams, while the whole unit including turnbuckle weighs right at what the stock battery strap and waterfall do. We sell the Basic Kit with the CnC parts only as many racers have an extra B5 or B6  turnbuckle along with  B6 Shock Ends.  The Deluxe Version comes complete with Turnbuckle, Ends, and Screws for those who want a plug and play deal. This version will come the Turnbuckle and Rod Ends.


  • Made from 7075 Aluminum
  • CNC Cut and Anodized in house at VRP
  • 8 Dedicated Battery Positions for better support and set-up
  • 2 Positions on the Strap for the Turnbuckle Length
  • Laser Etched logo
  • Features Silver Chamfered Edges for added bling
  • Available in Black and Blue

*Only includes 1 pivot ball 

  • Item #: VRP1292

VRP CNC B6 Battery Strap (Turnbuckle Style) (Black)

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