This is the VRP B6.1/B6.1D Option Front Aluminum Gullwing Arm Shock Tower.  This is a Option Gullwing Arm tower with an optional hole between the inside and middle holes for additional tuning .  Made from American Grade 7075 Aluminum, Its much more durable compared to the stock carbon towers. 


  • CnC Cut, Anodized and Re-Opted in house at VRP in Houston, Tx
  • Made from American grade 7075 Aluminum
  • Option Gullwing Arm Front Shock Tower
  • Anodized Black and Re-Opted for that added bling
  • More durable compared to stock tower
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Item #: VRP1563

VRP B6.1/B6.1D Aluminum Option "Gull" Front Shock Tower (Black)

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