Hobby Wing Motor Bearing Support

This is a VRP Hobby Wing Motor Bearing Support. It is CnC milled for precision and holds another bearing to support the front shaft. You can add this to a new motor to double bearing the front. Or you can use this with a new bearing and it will turn a worn out motor new again. We suggest the Boca bearing SMR625C-YZZ #5 NB2 Ceramic Hybrid Series. The bearing is rated for 50k rpm. We have tested this system on an old motor that had the front shaft worn. We simply bolted it on with the Boca bearing, ran the buggy almost 3.5 hours and didn't have the wear on the shaft like the stock bearing.   This is for the Hobby Wing G3 series motors.

This Bearing Support fits on buggies with a clamp style motor mount.  We will have another version available for the Slyder Stlye motor mounts shortly.    You can use other bearings as well. We sourced a bearing that is rated 50k and ABEC 5. Some manufacturers in the rc industry don't sell high enough quality bearings, and thats why we went with Boca.

Watch the video below for more information.


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Hobby Wing Motor Bearing Support

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